WestReef view health and safety as an integral part of our business operation. We believe that a high level of health and safety performance and business excellence are intrinsically linked. Managing the risk to our greatest assets (our people) makes perfect business and moral sense.

Health, Safety, Quality and Environment policy

Our management team are the foremost leaders of our commitment to wellbeing, quality and environmental management in our business operations. This policy documents our commitment to achieving excellence in these areas, and ensuring that everyone goes home safely, every day.


External Accreditations

Health and Safety
WestReef is proud of its health and safety and quality performance. Our systems and performance fully meet the requirements of common industry accreditations. Our health and safety systems are compliant to ISO:45001 Health and Safety. WestReef completed this certification process in March 2019, having previously held ACC WSMP accreditation for over 10 years. Our health and safety systems are regularly reviewed and are externally audited by an ISO auditor on an annual basis.

WestReef has integrated a quality management system into all aspects of its business operation. The system has been designed to help the company meet and exceed legislative compliance requirements, the expectations of clients and customers and to improve the overall efficiency and performance of the business. The quality management system has been designed to meet the requirements of Transit New Zealand’s quality standard TQS1:2005. WestReef have been accredited with TQS1 for over ten years and undergoes regular external auditing against the standard.

Safety/wellbeing and quality management is integrated into our project delivery by a range of initiatives including:

Weekly crew meetings
Daily on-site toolbox talks/pre-start meetings and hazard ID processes
Machinery and vehicle pre-start checks
On-site safety audits
Clear impairment policy including pre-employment and random drug and alcohol testing
Ongoing training and development opportunities
Regular external audits by third party organisations


WestReef have participated in the Development West Coast Leading Light Business Excellence Awards over the past seven years. The awards offer an opportunity to celebrate business excellence in the region and acknowledge the valuable contribution West Coast businesses are making to the local economy. WestReef have been proud to be part of the awards and to have been recognised in several categories over the years:


2012: Large Business Enterprise – Finalist, ACC Workplace Health & Safety – Finalist
2013: ACC Workplace Health & Safety – Finalist, Large Business Enterprise – Winner
2015: ACC Workplace Health & Safety – Winner
2016: Large Business Enterprise – Winner, ACC Workplace Health & Safety – Finalist, Environmental – Finalist
2018: Environmental – Finalist, ACC Workplace Health & Safety – Finalist