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WestReef are contracted to provide roading services to support the maintenance of our local (BDC) and regional (State Highway) transport routes. We understand how critical the roading network is to the functioning of our communities, businesses and industry.

Our contract work focuses on the maintenance renewal of our roading assets on behalf of the client. WestReef are currently responsible for managing 329km of state highway and 660km of local roads. Our key focus is ensuring that the roads continue to provide safe, enjoyable travel for users. We also provide winter services (where weather can impact on road use and safety), and incident and emergency response services across the district roading network.

In addition to roading asset management, WestReef Services have extensive experience in provision of other civil works, including:

  • Accessways
  • Car parks (construction and maintenance works)
  • Footpath maintenance and construction
  • Traffic management services
  • Roadside mowing and landscaping

Key Contacts:

Alan Neill – BDC Roading Manager
Rota Carroll – NOC Roading Manager