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WestReef is fully owned by Buller Holdings Ltd, a Buller District Council (BDC) controlled trading organisation. Our current project works include a core BDC service focus, providing Council with roading, utilities, and parks and reserves management services. While the Council remains a key client, WestReef have diversified and expanded over the past seven years. The company now draws 70% of its total revenue from competitive business opportunities, separate from our traditional Council contracts. 

WestReef has key specialty work areas, and the company consists of the following works divisions  

Due to the diversity of skills and experience throughout our work force we are capable of undertaking a wide range of projects, from small domestic jobs to large, long-term construction and maintenance works. WestReef 100% owns and operates a modern fleet of plant and equipment. Our ownership and range of plant ensures WestReef remains well positioned for a wide range of project work. Our extensive range of plant and equipment allows us to work in a variety of environments and undertake any project with confidence and efficiency.