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Community Support

We are a trusted and long-standing, community-oriented company, with a 25-year history of operating in the Buller. We are a capable local company that directly employs 90 local staff. WestReef values the wellbeing of both its staff, their families and our community. We substantiate this ongoing commitment through various initiatives including District-wide sponsorship, and an annual spend of over $3m with local suppliers and contractors.

As well as supporting all of the organisations you can see below, we also assist in various local events by submitting and implementing traffic management plans for events such as the Westport Christmas parade, whitebait festival, Buller Gorge Marathon and RSA related events.

WestReef have joined with our NOC partners to supply high visibility vests to rural school children in our region on an annual basis. The initiative began in 2018 and provides a high vis vest for every primary school child up to the age of nine who travels daily on a school bus. The initiative aims to increase the visibility of children while waiting for and getting on and off school buses, improving safety on our road network.

WestReef is a subsidiary of Buller Holdings Ltd, which is wholly owned by the Buller District Council (BDC). WestReef’s profits are returned annually to BDC (via Buller Holdings Ltd) and are utilised by BDC to offset Buller District rates. WestReef plays a key role in the Buller District as BDC is heavily reliant on annual dividend payments to offset rates. Put simply, WestReef’s success becomes our community’s success.